On 18 September, NAVSA, the French vending association, celebrated its first virtual Annual General Assembly which was appreciated by many members who could join the meeting despite the sanitary measures in place.

A new Board was elected and Pierre Albrieux (Alfragest) was unanimously re-elected as President for the third time, but this time for a term of three years, since the new statutes of the association were also adopted during this General Assembly.

Florent Moreau (Planète DA), Alessandro Rampoldi (IVS Group France) are the two vice-presidents while Etienne Patouillet will act as a treasurer. All the people from the former Board who run for another election were re-elected, whereas Jean-François Suteau (Sandenvendo Gmbh), Philippe Vouillaume (MB distribution) and Ludovic Delegrange (Flo) have joined the team.

The two Secretary-Generals, Diane Thomas and Yoann Chuffart, gave a very detailed overview of the 2020 NAVSA activities and explained how they continuously support their members with regard to legislative challenges and in promoting the vending channel among both stakeholders and decision-makers. The French vending & OCS industry suffers a lot from the measures linked to the Covid-crisis and the association is tackling any issue that harms the business.

It is also interesting to mention that the new adopted statutes include a name and logo change for the association which is now called ‘Fédération’ instead of ‘Chambre syndicale’ which responds to NAVSA’s strategy to improve its image. Furthermore, it will be mandatory for NAVSA members to vote at every General Assembly; if a member fails to vote, the membership fee will be increased in the following calendar year.