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Cash Payments

The most frequent method of payment in European Vending is coins. Therefore it is critical that coins are validated securely, consistently and reliably. In order to achieve this, the EVA has developed close links with the European Central Bank (ECB), European and global mints and all other stakeholders that are involved in the design, introduction and quality control of coins, as well as the prevention and fight against counterfeiting.

EVA Coin Design Handbook

The Coin Design Handbook was produced under the aegis of the Mint Directors Conference Technical Committee (MDC-TC) and is a guide to understanding the coin validation process and its consequences. Its ultimate aim is to allow Mints to design and manufacture coins for optimal electronic validation.

To obtain access to the Coin Design Handbook, you need to be:

  • Mints and Blank Manufacturers
  • Anti-fraud or law enforcement authorities
  • Validating equipment manufacturers members of the EVA

Cashless payments

Cashless payments have not only become another payment option, but they have established themselves on the vending market as a highly sophisticated and multi-functional means of payment. Today, consumers increasingly expect to be able to use a range of payment options in retail environments. The EVA aims to create the right environment to make this technically possible in vending. It is then up to the operators to meet consumers’ demands for more payment options in those environments where it makes economic sense.

EVA Electronic Payment Specification

The EVA Electronic Payment Specification (EPS) defines a minimum set of requirements to be followed by vending machines and electronic payment systems to ensure mutual compatibility. Both hardware and software/communication specifications are covered. The EVA EPS also includes a purchase process which is user-friendly and consistent with that experienced by consumers using other payment methods. Companies can apply for an EPS compliance code for their payment terminals, with a current list of codes available here: EVA EPS Self Certification Register – May 2018

You can download the EVA EPS by registering here.