EVA persuades Payconiq to change damaging advert

EVA persuades Payconiq to change damaging advert

Payconiq is a market leader of financial services in the Benelux, with their Belgian app ‘Payconiq by Bancontact’ for mobile payment supported by over 20 Belgian banks with now 11.5 million app transactions per month.

A new advertising campaign ‘Beep’ was recently launched on TV and online to demonstrate how easy it is to pay with the mobile app in a variety of situations. One of the transactions shown in the advert is a quick and efficient ‘beep’ payment at a vending machine – we can agree that this is a positive message for our industry.

However the next scene in the advert completely ruined all positivity with regards to vending by then showing the machine failing to dispense the chosen waffle. This coincides with the customer swearing –  another ‘beep’ – as the advert clearly intended to convey humour by using outdated and negative stereotypes about vending. The overall message the advert sent to consumers was that it is easy and convenient to pay at a vending machine, but don’t expect to receive your product. The vending machine transaction was in addition the only industry featured in the advert to be portrayed in a negative way.

The EVA immediately contacted Payconiq to deplore the messaging in the strongest terms, asked for the scene to be removed immediately, and outlined how vending should in fact be seen as a growing and interesting segment for the likes of Payconiq. As part of this dialogue we were also able to explain the work of the EVA and its electronic payment solutions members in facilitating cashless payments in the industry helped for example through the EVA Electronic Payment Specification.

To their credit Payconiq apologised for this part of the advert, explained that it wasn’t at all the intention of the message they wanted to deliver and have now removed the scene in the TV and online advert where the machine fails to dispense the product. The scene where the customer easily pays via mobile app at the vending machine remains which means there is a positive message for our industry in the end.

The amended advert can be found here:


We just hope that Payconiq are next time more perceptive of how an attempt at humour can have negative consequences for industries like ours struggling to come to terms with the impact caused by the Covid-19 restrictions and ongoing and expected changes to working habits.

Original vending scene





















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