Erwin Wetzel

Erwin Wetzel is both an Austrian and French national. Native speaker in German and French , he is also fluent in English, and has a proficient use of Spanish.  He holds two Master Degrees, one in Political Science from the University of Innsbruck, and a Masters of Arts in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. Before working for the EVA, Erwin had several professional experiences, assisting Members of the European Parliament, and the Committee of the Regions. He also worked for the Federation of Austrian Municipalities.

Erwin started his career with the EVA as Regulatory Affairs Manager in February 2011, then worked as Deputy Director in September 2012. He has been the EVA Director General since January 2014.

His main responsibilities are the general management of the Association and the leading of the strategic communication. He is also in charge of several committees & working groups.

You can contact Erwin for any questions and membership enquiries at

LinkedIn: Erwin Wetzel



Julie Barth

Julie Barth is Belgian. She speaks French as her mother tongue and is fluent in English. She has a Bachelor degree in Business and Administration from the Haute Ecole Galilée in Brussels. Before working for the EVA, Julie worked for the European Dairy Association for 4 years as Assistant to the Trade Economics Desk where she developed her professional experience in events & office management, communication, marketing and finance. She also worked for the headquarter of an international group providing technological services to companies and public authorities by supporting two Senior Executives at administrative and organisational levels.

Julie started her career with the EVA as Office Manager in October 2008, then worked as Head of Administration and Finance until 2012. Since 2013, she is the EVA Head of Administration and Events.

Her main responsibilities are the management of the office and its general administration supporting the EVA Director General and the EVA Executive Committee in their strategic decisions. She is also in charge of the Finance & Human resources files for the Association. Julie organises the Association’s events & manages the barter agreements for the industry trade shows.

You can contact Julie for your questions related to general administration and EVA events & trade shows at

LinkedIn: Julie Barth



David Irvine

David Irvine is a British and Irish national. English being his mother tongue, he is also competent in communicating in French. David studied European Integration at Queen’s University Belfast with a Bachelor of Arts (BA). He is enthusiastic and passionate about the interests of the vending industry, as a consequence of his background in working for a coffee vending machine operator in the United Kingdom. Before joining the EVA, David worked as Policy Officer dealing with legislation for local government in the UK and as an Assistant to a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels. There, he developed his professional experience in public affairs, politics, project management, stakeholder engagement and his communication skills.

David started his career with EVA as Communication and Public Affairs Manager in November 2013. In his role he maintains strong relationships between regulatory bodies, stakeholders and EVA Members, and also manages various EVA Committees and Working Groups. David is in charge of the communication & marketing aspects of the Association, the website, social media management and relations with the press.

You can contact David for your questions related to public affairs, communication/marketing and press at

LinkedIn: David Irvine



José García

José García is a Spanish national. He speaks Spanish as his mother tongue, is fluent in English and French, and is competent in communicating in Catalan and Dutch.

José studied Political Sciences and Public Administration at the University of Granada. He holds a Masters degree in Geopolitics from the French Institute of Geopolitics and a Masters degree in International Tourism Management from the EOI Business School in Madrid.

Before joining the EVA, José had several professional experiences, working in Belgium for the Spanish Tourist Office and as a Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission. José supports the EVA team in administration, events, marketing & communication, as well as contributing to a smooth IT performance.

You can contact José for your questions related  to your data maintenance, access to the members section of the EVA website and events registration at

LinkedIn: José María García Díaz