Full Members Associations

Full Members Associations are national vending associations of any European country, whether in or outside the European Union (EU).

Full members Companies

Full Members Companies are businesses active in the vending/OCS industry in two or more European countries and are already a member of a national vending association (where existing).

Supportive members

Supportive Members are businesses or organisations that do not correspond to any of the 2 previous membership categories, but yet share a number of objectives with the EVA.

Supportive Membership is also available for vending operators who are only active in one single market.


Partners are associations or organisations representing vending and coffee service or related industries, but primarily based in other geographical world regions.

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The EVA has been the common voice of the coffee service and vending industry for over 20 years. It is a credible and reputable organisation with a strong identity in the vending community, and regularly consulted by its European institutions as part of the decision-making process.

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