Our members strongly contribute to the EVA’s lobbying activities on EU Legislation related to machines and components. The EVA Technical Committee produces advice, guidance, and protocols to assist the industry in implementing complex legislation.

Furthermore, the Committee meets and exchanges technical questions and information with national member associations. It coordinates work on many issues including energy consumption, temperature measurements or CE Marking.

EVA technical experts promote the vending industry’s interest with the EU Commission, other appropriate standardisation bodies such as the CEN and CENELEC and other relevant stakeholders.

Measurement of Energy Consumption

EVA technical experts are responsible for the EVA Energy Measurement Protocol (EMP) and the CENELEC standard for energy consumption of chilled vending machines EN 50597. The EVA supports the EMP as the tool to measure energy consumption at hot&cold drinks machines (EMP 3.1b), and the EN 50597 for refrigerated vending machines.

NOTE: From 1 July 2019 the EVA EMP 3.1a for refrigerated vending machines is withdrawn with all test results deemed no longer valid. Until 1 March 2021, only the following energy consumption test results from Annex B of EN 50597:2018 can be provided:

  • Calculated AEC (kWh)
  • Net volume of cabinet, V (litres)
  • Declared vending machine category


The EVA is responsible for producing and maintaining other standards to provide a platform for guidance and harmonisation of the vending industry.

EVA members have developed and maintain the EVA Data Transfer Standard (EVA DTS), and provide significant input into the Multi Drop Bus – Internal Communication Protocol (MDB/ICP) which is owned and maintained by the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) in the USA.

EVA Data Transfer Standard (EVA DTS)

The EVA DTS makes it possible to transfer information from vending machines/payment systems to PC-based accounting and management systems (and vice versa). The DTS allows the operator to have clear information on the status of each of his machines and his supply.

It is important that all suppliers of vending machines and payment systems agree on a common standard because this is the only way the operator can be sure that all his equipment can be read out and programmed by means of the same technology, particularly to ensure that data from machines from different manufacturers can be read by the same collector.

In order to ensure that the Serial Numbering of products does not produce equipment with duplicate numbers, e.g. Two coin mechanisms both serial number 123, it has been agreed to prefix serial numbers with a three letter manufacturer specific code. A current list of EVA DTS manufacturers codes can be found here: 09 Appendix B Manuf codes – March 2022

Download relevant EVA Standards

Standards developed by the EVA are free for industry professionals to download upon registration.

  • EVA Electronic Payment Specification (EVA EPS) – NEW VERSION 2
  • EVA Energy Measurement Protocol (EVA EMP) 3.1 b (for hot drinks machines)
  • EVA Data Transfer Standard (EVA DTS)
  • EVA Temperature Measurement Protocol (EVA TMP)

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