We are the pan-European Association for the coffee service and vending industry, and the reference for standards and data about our sector for members and relevant stakeholders.

The EVA is a not-for-profit trade association established in 1994, representing the interests of the whole European coffee service and vending industry vis-à-vis the European Union Institutions and other relevant authorities or bodies. The EVA is an international association governed by Belgian law and its membership comprises of both National Associations and companies.

The mission of the EVA is:

  • To protect, promote and provide leadership to the self-serve coffee, food and beverage and Point of Use (POU) industry
  • To provide a single voice for self-serve coffee food and beverage and POU industry in Europe
  • To become the reference organisation for providing data, and information about our industry to all relevant stakeholders

Executive Committee

The General Assembly, where all members are represented, meets once a year to fix the general guidelines of the association. It elects the Executive Committee (15 members maximum) biannually, who are well known personalities from the various segments of the vending industry. The Executive Committee decides upon the political agenda and technical programme of the EVA and adopts the position papers that serve as a basis for lobbying actions.


Erwin Wetzel

Director General

General Management

Communication & Marketing

Public Affairs

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Membership enquiries

Julie Barth

Head of Administration & Events

Office Management

Human Resources


Events Management

Trade shows

David Irvine

Communication and Public Affairs Manager

Public Affairs

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José García

Office Assistant

Administration Support

 Data Maintenance

Events Registration

Marketing & Communication Support