mikrolab was founded in 1978 as a development company for electronic systems, and since then has carried out project-based developments for customers in the field of digital technology. Their range of services mainly includes firmware and hardware developments for embedded systems as well as software developments and user interface designs for PC-based applications.

In addition to these development activities, mikrolab offers tests as well as the optional mass production of electronic assemblies and devices in-house.

Dr. Christian Kägeler, Managing Director at mikrolab stated, “We joined the EVA because we are working in the vending industry since 35 years (1983) and the membership is a possibility for us to get better access to EVA events and the EVA network. The access to the industry and the EVA network is very important for us in order to support our plans to expand our services (telemetry, payment) all over Europe. Moreover we get a quick access to EU decisions and give many years of standards committee membership a base for the next long time.”

Erwin Wetzel, EVA Director General said, “I am happy to see mikrolab join as members. We have had a fruitful collaboration over many years, especially through providing input to EVA Standards, but I’m glad the partnership has now been officialised, and mikrolab can now benefit of our full membership package.”

mikrolab is based in Fürth, Germany, and joins as a Direct Member.