Frappé is a Hungarian vending operator active in both coffee and cold food and drinks. The company has been active for more than 22 years with strong growth in customers every year. The company prides itself on competitive prices, the quality of the materials used, and a fast and efficient service.

Erwin Wetzel, the EVA Director General is pleased to see Frappé join the Association saying, “I warmly welcome Frappé as a new member and am convinced that there will be a mutual benefit to the relationship. While Frappé will undoubtedly learn more about trends and developments in other European vending markets through our annual market study for example, the EVA will also get an invaluable insight into the daily challenges of the very demanding Hungarian legislation on fiscalisation; legislation we would aim to avoid in other European markets.”

Frappé Hungaria, already a Member of the Hungarian Association (Miasz) joins the EVA as a Supportive Member (Operator) and is based in Budapest.