Food2Smile is a Dutch vending operator, specialising in healthier snack products. The company, who is starting in the vending market, produces sweets, chocolate and other snacks but without added sugars, ‘e numbers’ and other ingredients aiming to help in the fight against (childhood) obesity.

Erwin Wetzel, the Director General welcomed Food2Smile to the EVA saying “I am pleased to see Food2Smile join the Association. It is good to see a healthier food company branch into the vending sector, and shows that our market is interesting as a retail opportunity and should no longer be seen in the negative connotation of providing only calorie-laden snacks. The EVA has been active in encouraging healthier vending as part of our work with the EU Platform for diet, nutrition and physical activity, so it’s good to see a dedicated healthier vending company join our ranks.”

Food2Smile is based in Amersfoort in the Netherlands and joins the EVA as a Direct Member.