Ecosoft is a leading manufacturer of the water filtration systems in Ukraine.

A Member of the BWT Group of companies, the company provides a wide range of products from small domestic systems to industry-grade equipment.

One of the its branches is a water purification machine produced under the brand-name Aquabox. Using 7-step filtration process, this vending solution turns municipal water into clean and fresh drinking water. According to the company, usage of the Ecosoft Aquabox refills gives a possibility to reduce plastic waste by up to 97% in comparison with bottled water and helps to protect natural environment.

Ecosoft explained that being a member of the EVA gives them a possibility of better communication with companies active in the vending and coffee service business, to share an experience and ideas of future development.

EVA Director General, Erwin Wetzel, is pleased to see Ecosoft join the Association. He remarked, “with the Ukrainian Vending Association (UVCSA) joining us last year as members, we are pleased to see that Ukrainian companies like Ecosoft are seeing the direct benefits of membership for their own businesses. The opportunity of meeting numerous European vending players at EVEX as well as learning more about various European markets, is clearly a massive benefit for targeting investments and meeting potential new partners.”

Ecosoft, with an EU headquarter in Belgium, joins the EVA as Full Member.