The Greek Vending Association currently has 20 members who trade vending machines or distribute and supply various products through these machines; both cold drinks and snacks as well as coffee.

The Greek government is currently attempting to impose strigent policies on the vending industry, including a severe form of fiscalistion. By joining the EVA, HEVA wishes to gain knowledge of the situation on the ground from other vending markets, and get advice and assistance to ensure the Greek industry remains viable for years to come.

The EVA Director General, Erwin Wetzel, welcomed HEVA to the Association, saying, “I am pleased that HEVA has returned to the Association after quite some years. The methods proposed for fiscalisation in different countries vary significantly and can clearly result in a major threat to local vending businesses – especially the format that is proposed in Greece. Solutions must be tailored to reflect the needs and possibilities of our unique sector, and the EVA is ready to assist HEVA in putting pressure on Greek policy makers for a more feasible proposal. Further to this one issue, there are many topics where it is beneficial for national vending associations to share information and compare solutions. The EVA is pleased to facilitate these regular discussions and I’m heartened that the list of national association members of the EVA continues to grow.”

HEVA, based in Athens, joins the EVA as a Full Member Association.