Delta Cafés is a Portuguese vending operator and coffee roaster

Delta Cafés was founded in 1961 when its founder decided to create his own brand range of coffees. Since then, the company has expanded but still maintains its close relationship with its customers. Delta is active as a coffee roaster, in HORECA & modern grocery distribution, as well as a vending operator.

The Head of Vending Operations, Pedro Sá, explained why the company has now decided to join the EVA, “With almost six decades of experience and as the leader for brewing and selling coffee in the Iberian markets, DELTA CAFÉS has been investing more and more in the Vending channel as a way to offer its customers a wide range of solutions. Joining EVA has been therefore a natural step in order to be among the best product and equipment suppliers, competitors and official entities, with the final objective of contributing to a more efficient, strong and innovative Vending environment.”

Erwin Wetzel, the Director General of the European Vending and Coffee Service Association (EVA), said, “I am pleased to welcome Delta Cafés as a new member of our Association. The company is both active in vending and has a strong heritage in producing quality roast coffee which complements perfectly the trends and directions within our industry – as also referenced through our new name. Furthermore, the EVA is always pleased to attract more national vending operators to the Association, who are, at the end of the day, the public face of our industry.”

Delta Cafés, based in Lisbon, joins the EVA as a Supportive Member (National Operator).