Vending@Work is a Dutch vending operator.

Vending@Work has been providing vending machines to businesses, schools, and public spaces throughout the Netherlands since 1994. The company can provide a full range of vending services and also stresses the importance of sustainability through both environmentally friendly machines and the products offered which includes organic or fair trade products.

EVA Director General Erwin Wetzel warmly welcomed the company as a new Member, “I am pleased that another national vending operator, Vending@Work, has joined our Association. Within the EVA family they will be able to take advantage of detailed market knowledge of the Dutch market (and others), learn more about new Europe-wide trends and interact easily with industry experts from other countries. As the Dutch Vending Association is no longer active, the EVA is the natural home for Dutch vending companies. I look forward to what I’m sure will be a positive and beneficial relationship between Vending@Work and the EVA.”

Vending@Work, based in Groningen, joins the EVA as a Supportive Member (national operator).