The annual exhibition of vending technologies and self-service systems will be held at Expocentre in Moscow from 25-27 March, with more than 10,000 visitors and 80 exhibitors expected.

This year for the first time the international competition for innovations in vending and self-service systems ‘The VASA Award’ (Vending & Automated Services Award) will take place. The list of Jury includes: NAAT President Boris Belotserkovsky, President of the Union of Operators Egor Spivakovsky, the Director General of the European Vending & Coffee Service Association Erwin Wetzel, General Director of Hostelvending magazine Alvaro de Laguno Goria, and Director of innovations at X5 Retail Group Ivan Melnik. 15 companies are already participating in the competition under the following categories: technical devices, technical solutions, ingredients and supplies.

The exhibition will also host an international business forum, which will cover such topics as: current realities and prospects of vending in Russia and in the world, payment solutions, the introduction of self-service systems in retail and services, vending business for beginners and much more.

The EVA is looking forward to the show, catching up with members, and hearing about the latest vending developments and innovations in Russia.

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