Payment Technologies Srl designs cash and cashless payment solutions for the vending industry, with high-quality hardware made in Italy. Paytec leads the digital payment revolution in vending with OPTO and the ability to provide remote vending functionality from any machine. OPTO has reinvented the mobile experience with its groundbreaking, contactless technology based on visible light waves rather than NFC and the company believes that it will define the future of human-machine interaction

Francesco Pelosin, International Sales Director of Paytec explains why the company has joined the EVA, “Paytec has a strong expertise in the Vending industry, built up on continuous research for ever more efficient and user-friendly solutions. To do this, we need to stay aware of what operators are really looking for, their pain points and wish lists. We are happy to join EVA so we can benefit from its comprehensive market analysis about actual trends and developments, as well as give our contribution to discussions about the main issues in the vending industry.”

Erwin Wetzel, the Director General of the EVA warmly welcomed Paytec as a new member of the Association, saying, “Throughout the last year the EVA has published a number of reports on the economic situation of the vending industry which demonstrate that after a cautious but growing adaptation of cashless over the last decade, operators appear now to be fully adopting electronic payment acceptance at their machine fleets. This is why I believe the timing is perfect for Paytec to join the EVA and they will now be able to benefit from our detailed market analysis, network with operators at our (currently virtual) events and platforms like the Vending & Coffee Solutions Hub, and influence cashless decision making in our industry through our Electronic Payment Committee.”

Paytec, based in Rovellasca (Italy), joins the EVA as a Full Member.