NoPayN is a recently founded Norwegian company primarily providing payment, telemetry and route planning tools for unattended point of sales.

Jan Bratli, CEO, explains why the company joined the EVA, “We will be distributing our solution primary in Norway and Sweden, but plan for expansion into the European marked early next year. Our company joined EVA as soon as we had been established, because we believe that it will be helpful to build a network in the vending industry, and also give us easier access to the market. We hope to be a positive contributor to the vending society and expect that the partnership with EVA will help developing a successful business.”

Erwin Wetzel, EVA Director General warmly welcomes the company to the Association commenting, “I am confident that NoPayN will be able to maximise their EVA Membership to understand more in depth about the latest trends in various European markets, while learning about and networking with the key players. By joining the EVA it also demonstrates that the Association is not only beneficial for larger, more established, vending players, but is also a perfect home for brand new companies getting started in our industry.”

NoPayN, based in Skarnes, joins the EVA as a Direct Member.