EVA Director General Erwin Wetzel, EVA First-Vice-President Javier Arquerons and EVA Board Member Francesc Guëll were invited from the 25th to the 27th of February to the China International Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair in Guangzhou during which they could get very good insights into the growing Chinese vending market. With more than 400 exhibitors over three halls, this fair in Guangzhou is definitely one of the largest ones around the world. Compared to the 2018 edition the number of exhibitors increased by more than 20% which underlines the growing number of companies that enter the Chinese vending market. Nearly all exhibitors were Chinese and the few Japanese and European companies present were EVA Members, such as SandenVendo, Fuji, CPI, ICT, Bianchi Industry, Azkoyen, Laqtia, Jetinno and Nayax.

During the event, the 7th Asia Pacific Vending Industry Summit took place to which the Asia Pacific Vending Association (APVA) with President Enze Yu invited the EVA and the vending associations from Australia (AVA), South-Africa (VASA), Taiwan, Japan (JVMMA), Spain (ANEDA) and Poland (PSV). All of them had the chance to give a speech and to present their respective markets. This was, indeed, a perfect opportunity to network with peers and to exchange knowledge about the vending markets around the world. After the conference all association leaders were invited to the Appreciation Dinner during which they received an award as a global strategic partner to the APVA.

EVA members can log in to our website to find out more insights about the Chinese market and some key players here.