The company provides mechatronic components and customer solutions for different industry sectors (appliances, automotive, sensing, medical and biomedical). Eltek started its business with appliance components and accessories and over the years the company has developed knowledge, technologies and became partners of the principal domestic appliance producers and OEM producers.

Eltek explained why the company decided to join the EVA, saying, “The idea of being part of EVA started when we noticed that our water block solutions, our most known accessories for appliances, could be useful for vending machines too. 

We discover the importance of water leak prevention, not only in washing machines or dishwashers, when we experienced a leakage in our offices due to a damaged pipe of a vending machine in the coffee break area. 

A vending machine or a water dispenser broken pipe is one of the most common causes of water leakage in public areas or offices.  If it happens when offices are closed and no one can notice it, damages to computers, documentation or furniture are very frequent. 

Being part of EVA for us is the chance to understand the characteristics and needs of vending machines producers and water dispenses producers to offer them our best solutions in terms of accessories or components; that is what we expect from this relationship.”

The EVA Director General commented, “I am pleased to see Eltek join the EVA and I extend a very warm welcome to our Association. Vending is much more than the machine that the final consumer interacts with – there are many expert and innovative companies behind the scenes that help ensure technical performance is optimal. We look forward to helping Eltek gain a deep understanding of our sector through our industry knowledge and reports, and creating the opportunities through our (online or physical) events to network with the key vending players.”

Eltek Appliance – a business unit of Eltek Group – based in Casale Monferrato, joins the EVA as a Supportive Member.