Avangard is since 2002 a Ukrainian producer of vending, banking and payment equipment. With its inhouse R&D and IT departments, this year the company launched 7 new products in the vending line. With a leading position established in Ukraine, the company is now seeking to expand into other European vending markets.

Alexander Kislyuk, explains why Avangard has now joined the EVA, “To join the EVA for a manufacturer like Avangard LLC is a great opportunity to be in one information field with the European market players, gain knowledge and share experience for vending industry. EVA Membership gives us the access to valuable insights and research reports of vending & coffee service industry. We expect from this Membership the expanding of cooperation and partnership with European manufacturers, providers and operators.”

Erwin Wetzel, the EVA Director General warmly welcomes the company to EVA Membership commenting, “I’m pleased to see Avangard join the pan-European family for the vending industry. EVA membership will equip Avangard with greater knowledge of various markets across the continent allowing business investments to be more targeted, while opportunities to meet the key players will arise through EVEX, EVA webinars and our committees. Interpretation of technical EU legislation for manufacturers will furthermore help the company to comply with latest rules coming into force. I look forward to a beneficial partnership.”

Avangard, based in Kiev, joins the EVA as a Supportive Member.