The AVA is the trade body and voice for the automated 24-hour food and beverage industry in the United Kingdom (UK). One of the oldest vending associations in Europe, the AVA has represented the industry for over 90 years and was one of the founding members of the EVA in 1994.

The UK is one of the six ‘Tier 1’ markets in Europe – which combined represent over 70% of the total European industry – so it’s naturally important that British vending experiences are highlighted, compared and shared easily with fellow Associations and members in various other markets. After working together as partners on different topics over the last number of years, the AVA maximises the support and cooperation from the EVA and brings the total number of national vending associations within the pan-European vending family to 13.

David Llewellyn, AVA Chief Executive, explained the reasons for returning to Full EVA membership, After the disruption of Brexit – and a global pandemic –  the AVA is pleased to formalise our existing partnership with the EVA by joining as full Association members. We look forward to sharing insights, ideas and planning for common legislative impacts over the coming years.

Erwin Wetzel, EVA Director General, commented, “I am delighted to see the AVA return as Full EVA members. Following the Ukrainian (UVCSA) and Greek (HEVA) national vending associations joining the EVA over the last year, this represents a further positive step in aligning common messages, sharing knowledge and working effectively together to protect the interests of our sector, right across all the key vending markets in Europe.

The AVA, based in Leeds, joins the EVA as Full Member Association: