The EVA has published its position paper regarding the ENVI Committee Draft Report on the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation proposal. The full paper, with our proposed amendments can be downloaded here: EVA position paper PPWR – ENVI Amendments

Executive Summary

We call for an evidence-based PPWR to deliver on circular economy objectives.

The draft report from the ENVI Committee Rapporteur, Frédérique Ries, has addressed through proposed amendments a number of areas of EVA concern, and we believe that certain proposed amendments contained in the draft report can and should be supported. A number of wider ENVI Committee amendments can also be supported and these are listed on page 3.

The lack of a clear definition of ‘take-away’ in the current PPWR proposal must be addressed to avoid legal and business uncertainty for vending companies. Amendment 671 addresses this issue and should be supported.

Certain proposed amendments take into account the clear health and safety risks which should be considered in cases where the necessary infrastructure for a re-use system is not technically feasible. This is the case considering the unattended nature as well as the variety of machines that represent our sector.

We note and support that amendments that ensure an exemption to certain requirements for micro-companies are made at the EU level, and not left to the discretion of member states. Something we otherwise believe could bring further uncertainty and potential single market barriers.

The vending industry is powered by innovation and committed to sustainable practices

There are 4.4 million vending machines in Europe, 65% of which are hot drinks machines. Table top coffee machines allow the consumer to place his own beverage cup while the most recent generation of freestanding hot drinks machines typically have sensors which can detect and dispense into reusable cups, enabling consumers to reduce their use of single-use cups. Where single-use cups are dispensed, vending operators ensure the presence of a waste collection point.

The vending industry is a frontrunner in reducing the impact of single-use cups. “Rivending” in Italy is one of the industry-driven initiatives which aim to streamline the collection and recycling of single use cups used in the vending industry. Through this project 13,000 tonnes of CO2 is saved per year. This goes in line with the recycling technologies and processes Italy has massively invested in over the last years.

A European industry providing manufacturing jobs, driven by SME’S

In Europe, the industry employs more than 85,000 individuals directly. 98% of the 10,000 vending operators – who maintain and stock the machines on a daily basis – are SMEs and family businesses.

300 million Europeans rely on the sector at least once a week for refreshments on-the-go, with vending machines dispensing 95 million food and beverage items every day – all in a sales area of less than 2m². Europe-wide the industry revenue is over €16 billion.

Supported ENVI amendments to PPWR proposal