Vianet provides contactless payment systems, vending insight portal software, ERP, and telemetry solutions for the industry, with more than 230,000 devices currently connected to their platform.

Asked why the company has decided to join the EVA, Mark Parry, Commercial Director at Vianet, explained, “We’re really excited to be joining the European Vending & Coffee Service Association. Vianet are already working with select clients in Europe and are always seeking opportunity to expand out from our UK mainland portfolio into new territory. The business is in a very exciting period of development and growth at the moment, with new contactless payment products, and also a new end-to-end data insight and analytics platform on the horizon. Our team are keen to learn more about how we can work closely with European operators on challenges & opportunities within Vending across Europe.”

Erwin Wetzel, the EVA Director General, warmly welcomed the company to Association membership, “I am pleased to welcome Vianet to the EVA. As the industry goes through a period of significant and enforced change, vending operators are looking for new and more efficient tools for managing their businesses, including greater connectively and payment options. The EVA is at the current moment also preparing work for a new vending protocol to help shape the industry needs for the coming years, and Vianet will now be a welcome and valuable voice to aid these discussions. Further to this, with the launch of the EVA Vending & Coffee Service Hub in May, the company can take advantage of the networking possibilities the platform offers, with a free annual exhibition booth for Members being just one of the many added benefits.”

Vianet, based in Stockton-on-Tees in the UK, joins the EVA as a Full Member.