Vending Zone is a Romanian vending machine operator.

The company, operates right across Romania, offering a wide range of machines and services selling delicious snacks, healthier items, cold drinks, coffee and tea.

The CEO of Vending Zone, Mihai Ungureanu explained why the company – in regular attendance at EVEX – has decided to join the EVA, ”Vending Zone is a vending machine operator established in Romania in 2008. Today we are administrating a large network of vending machines, spread over the main 10 cities of Romania, being the leading operator in the snack&drinks segment. As a new member of EVA we value the expertise of this community and we hope to bring added value to the image and practices in this industry.”

The EVA Director General warmly welcomed Vending Zone as a new member, “We have known Vending Zone for several years now, and are always interested in hearing about the latest issues affecting Romanian operators. Indeed Vending Zone is the first Romanian operator to become an EVA member and with the Romanian market becoming a recent edition of the EVA market report, I am pleased that the relationship with Romanian companies and the national association (PRIV) in this strongly growing market (echoed in Eastern Europe as a whole region) is developing well.

Vending Zone, based in Bucharest, joins the EVA as a Supportive Member (national operator).