The Vending & Coffee Solutions Hub

THE VENDING AND COFFEE SOLUTIONS HUB is a unique virtual platform where you will be able to meet the major European & Vending Coffee Services players launched on 27 & 28 May and continuing for ONE YEAR.


The access to the platform & to the events is COMPLETELY FREE; you will only need to register on the platform landing page. You will also be able to login again throughout the year and visit the exhibitors at any time after the launch dates. Register here.


The Hub and its lobby area will drive you to:

A Virtual Auditorium

The Auditorium will feature regular conferences and webinars, Q&A sessions and speaking opportunities. During the launch of the Hub on 27 & 28 May, a full programme took place with sponsors & experts’ speeches.

After the 2 day launch the EVA will organise several other events on the platform throughout the year, and the Exhibition Hall will remain continually open.

An Exhibition Hall

Meet the major industry players in the exhibition hall & discover the latest industry innovations, generate leads & new prospects.

During live days, you will be able to set-up Chat Slot Appointments with our exhibitors or organise Chat or Video Calls.

With an easy Swag bag function, take with you all the documents & videos of your journey to study at your best convenience.

A Networking Lounge

More than a virtual experience, we would like to offer you a social experience with human exchanges. The lounge room with its several chat rooms will allow you to meet other participants and have direct or group chat discussions with them during live days. You can meet our experts and sponsors & address your questions to them regarding the webinars, conferences you attended.



The sponsoring opportunities (including presence in the exhibition hall) are limited to the EVA members, the members of the national vending associations & our partners.

If you have any questions, kindly contact Julie Barth at