SmVend is a telemetry service for vending machines that permits to give a complete overview of the state of the vending machine, tracks statistics and manages both maintenance and service. Operators can remotely control their machines and make following actions such as making a deposit, resetting the machine or changing the prices. Different vending machines can be connected to SmVend: washers, coffee machines, snack machines, game attractions, lockers, self-service laundromats and many other.

Erwin Wetzel, the EVA Director General, is enthusiastic about SmVend joining the European Vending & Coffee Service Association, commenting, “Digitisation is absolutely essential for our industry to keep up with both the market and consumers’ needs and SmVend is one of these innovative companies which can help operators to make their business more efficient, especially in times where every cost needs to be carefully scrutinized. We are eager to support SmVend to expand and get in touch with potential clients through our network and unique networking events.”

SmVend is based in Riga, Latvia and joins the EVA as a Full Member.