S+M was founded in 1985 as a partner for integration, distribution and servicing of various payment systems such as coin or banknote as well as cashless payment systems. S+M has seen the potential of cashless payment and digitalisation from an early stage – For example, since 1998 the company has been pioneers in the field of telemetry for the vending industry.

S+M provides solutions for up-to-date cashless and classic cash-based payment systems for product vending machines, park & ticketing, staff canteens and company catering. The company also develops a number of products and software solutions for fiscal read-out and other connected vending needs.

Erwin Wetzel, the EVA Director General welcomes the company to the Association, commenting, “I am delighted that S+M has joined the EVA. During this challenging time for the industry, it is important for companies to look for new partners and business opportunities in developing areas -we have for example already seen the acceleration in interest and implementation of cashless and connected vending machine solutions since the start of the pandemic. The EVA membership benefits will now provide S+M will detailed market knowledge across 24 European markets to help target investment decisions, while EVA networking opportunities and events can help introduce the company to wider European players.”

S+M, based in Erkelenz (Germany), joins the EVA as Full Member.