ProstoPay is a cashless and telemetry provider for coffee and vending machines founded in 2016.

ProstoPay was founded in Ukraine and later they expanded to Georgia and Kazakhstan. ‘Prosto’ means ‘simple’ in Ukrainian because the company prides itself in making complicated IT solutions easy to use for partners and customers. They see their mission as helping coffee and vending companies to run their business at the newest level of operational efficiency and productivity and to enjoy higher sales driven by modern payment solutions.

Rahul kak, Business Development at the company summarised the company by saying, “ProstoPay is an IoT technology company providing innovative telemetry and cashless solutions for vending and coffee industries.”

The EVA Director General, Erwin Wetzel, is pleased to see ProstoPay join the Association, commenting, “The EVA is an organisation representing all aspects of the industry and members from all corners of Europe. I am pleased that another Ukrainian member has joined us, and the opportunities to meet, network, learn and do business from peers from other markets is clearly an attractive proposition.  ProstoPay will now have detailed access to market developments, and have great opportunities to network at EVEX and I look forward to a productive partnership.”

ProstoPay is based in Ukraine and joins the EVA as full member.