NOVELPAY is a Polish fintech software house established 10 years ago.

NOVELPAY is a developer of Android payment systems as well as a leading PAX Technology products distributor in European markets. They deliver payment infrastructure based upon local and international standards and since 2016 Novelpay develops various payment applications compatible and certified with NEXO specifications.

On the membership, Greg Jaglarski, Vice President and CTO, said: “COVID pandemic has strengthened a growing need for unattended payment solutions. NOVELPAY’s and PAX’s Android-based solutions deliver services that widen the offer to date and address the current needs of unattended retail. We hope to be continuously part of the dynamic growth of the self-service industry and contribute to EVA with our payment industry expertise”

EVA Director General, Erwin Wetzel, is pleased to see NOVELPAY join the Association, commenting, “I warmly welcome Novelpay to the EVA, which complements the already strong networking of payment providers in the organisation. Since the pandemic we all know the increase of cashless provision in the industry and by becoming a member Novelpay will now be able to benefit from the EVA market knowledge through our detailed reports, contribute the industry response to new payment legislation, and have greater networking possibilities through our events and wider network.”

The company NOVELPAY is based in Poland with a subsidiary headquarters in Paris that helps them operating across Europe. They join the EVA as full member.