‘Hybridisation’ is the crossing of two species, of two entities to form something new. This concept appears in many fields including vending itself and in areas connected to vending.

Let’s take a closer look. ‘Hybridisation’ is in the energy field, with electrification supporting or even replacing fossil fuel. What’s more, plant-based materials are also being considered as an alternative to materials derived from hydrocarbons.

But ‘hybridisation’ is also affecting the world of work. The pandemic has thrust the world of business into the realms of teleworking, shared workplaces and remote working. The workplace has adopted a new way of organising itself, with new practices bringing new expectations in terms of flexibility of the working environment and the well-being of employees.

‘Hybridisation’ also affects eating habits. Eating habits are becoming increasingly segmented, and snacking is increasingly associated with poor nutrition, against a backdrop of rising obesity rates in modern societies. Healthier, less sugary, more natural products are more prevalent. What’s more, protein consumption is being encouraged through plant-based products, which are increasingly being used in milk drinks and coffee breaks.

Finally, ‘hybridisation’ also affects technology, with the rise of Artificial Intelligence set to simplify current business practices and provide more flexible modelling.

Vending is not going to escape this concept. In fact, it is already being affected. The environmental and food trends are inevitable and require clear responses. Alternative catering is now an increasingly pressing need, as a complement to coffee breaks and lunch breaks, and with a view to making the workplace more comfortable and attractive.

Traditional vending must therefore adapt, change and turn these ‘new realities’ into opportunities. The stakes are high. We need to understand them, grasp them, and adapt our responses in an economic context that has been turned upside down, where creating value goes hand in hand with optimising profitability.

Le Forum-EVEX will see the European Vending & Coffee Service Association (EVA) and the French Vending Association (NAVSA) present their own take on these issues and challenges for the profession. With the help of F&CM, they will propose clear advice and suggest possible ways of tackling these successfully, so that in the context of these major upheavals we can look to the future with greater peace of mind.

See you in Cannes in October!

Le Forum/EVEX Team

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