Massimo Trapletti, Bianchi Industry, has been elected to lead the Vending Italian Association for the period 2018 – 2022

Massimo Trapletti has a wealth of experience in the vending industry. In 1992 he took over Bianchi Industry, one of the leading brands in the production of vending machines and professional coffee machines, followed by a spell from 2008-14 as CEO of IVS Italia, the leading operator in Italy. In July 2014 the Trapletti family acquired Bianchi again, with a renewed focus on new technologies and attention to changes in consumers’ tastes.

“I am very honored to represent CONFIDA” declared the newly elected President Massimo Trapletti, “the most important European vending association, a sector that employs over 30,000 people and that is a real ‘Made in Italy’; both for the fact that the most important manufacturers of vending machines are Italian and for the professionalism of the Italian operators that hold the largest automatic food distribution chain in Europe: over 800 thousand vending machines that offer daily refreshments in companies, hospitals, schools and universities and places transit “.

The CONFIDA General Assembly also elected the other Board representatives for the next four years:

  • President of the Operators Company – Pio LunelPresident of the Group of Manufacturers of Vending
  • Machines and Accessories – Roberto Pellegrini
  • President of the Food Products Manufacturers – Stefano Piccinini
  • President of the Services Group – Ernesto Piloni
  • President of Young Entrepreneurs – Roberto Pace.