Massimo Trapletti will remain at the helm of the Italian Vending Association for the next four years, with innovation, digitalidation and sustainability being the key themes on which the sector will focus in the future

During the General Assembly of CONFIDA, the Italian Vending Association, Massimo Trapletti (Bianchi Industry), who led the sector during the difficult years of the pandemic, was re-elected to the Presidency for the next four years (2022-2026) and during his speech outlined the themes on which vending sector will focus in the future: innovation, digital and sustainable transition.

The CONFIDA General Assembly also confirmed the entire Presidential Committee for the next four years: the President of the Operators Companies Group Pio Lunel (Aesse Service), the President of the Manufacturers of Vending Machines and Accessories Group Roberto Pellegrini (Digisoft), the President of the Food Products Group Stefano Piccinini (S.E.M. ), the President of the Services and Marketing Group Ernesto Piloni (Vendomat) and the President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group Roberto Pace (Gedac).

This re-election – comments Massimo Trapletti, President of CONFIDA – comes at a very important moment for our sector. The last four years have been particularly difficult, Covid, the economic crisis, the war and the difficulties due to new legislation on issues such as single-use plastics, have affected and are still having strong repercussions on our sector. Being re-elected, together with my colleagues, is however proof that this team has worked and is working at its best for the good of vending and is ready to face the challenges of the future to consolidate Italy’s role as an international leader in this sector. “

New members of the Board of Directors were also elected: Luca Amoruso (Ada Vending), Massimo Ferrarini (Miami Ristoro), Simone Gibaldo (Ferrero, Vice President of the Food Products Group), Alessandro Mondini (N-And Italy) and Pierpaolo Turotti (Ovdamatic). While they are also confirmed for the four-year period 2022-26: Paolo Bernasconi (D.A.Em.), Mario Mattiazzo (Automatic Service), Bruno Mazzoleni (Sogedai, Vice President of the Operators Group), Danilo Paolini (Gedap), Renato Pavero (Sellmat), Fabio Quadrio (Ge.S.A.), Cesare Spinelli (Spinel Caffè), Mario Toniutti (Gruppo Illiria), Pantaleone Tripaldi (Bibi Service), Luca Alemanni (Evoca, Vice President of the Vending Machine Manufacturers Group), Marco Carazzato (Mds Electronics), Lorenzo Bassi (Flo), Davide Celin (Lavazza), Alessandro Fontana (Art&Works, Vice President of the Services and Marketing Group ).

“Over the next four years, – explained the President of CONFIDA Trapletti – in addition to carrying out all the initiatives and projects that have characterised the past four years, we will have to face two defining changes: the digital transition and the sustainable transition. It’s not just our challenges but it’s the challenges of the entire business world.”

The Italian vending industry has been moving towards these goals for some time. In particular, with regard to sustainability, CONFIDA has created “Sustainable Vending” a platform of green projects in which all member companies can collaborate. On the specific theme of the end of life of plastic, together with Corepla and Unionplast, the RiVending circular economy project has been developed for the collection and recycling of cups, pallets and plastic bottles of vending machines. RiVending, which now has over 10,000 collection points installed throughout Italy with which 450 tons of plastic are collected per year, will be at the center of this ecological transaction process as well as the attention to energy saving of vending machines, the expansion of the food offer, the recycling of “coffee grounds” and capsules, and much more.

As for the digital transition, the pandemic has also speeded up the digital transaction process in the sector by encouraging the greater use of digital payments, as well as touch screens and telemetry systems that allow the remote connection of the vending machine. Finally, the future challenges of the sector cross the great trends of technological innovation: from 5G to the cloud, from artificial intelligence to robotics.

The EVA wishes President Trapletti and all the elected CONFIDA Board Members the best for the new mandate.