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The EVA, the European Vending & Coffee Service Association aisbl, is an international association registered under Belgian law. Its mission is to represent the interests of the vending and coffee service industry at European level. The EVA provides this information site to keep our members and other visitors informed about our (and/or our members’) activities and achievements within the Association.

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If you are not sure about using the contents of the EVA website, please send your request to the Secretariat.

EVA Standards
The EVA standards are copyrighted by the European Vending & Coffee Service Association. All rights are reserved.

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Usually, we don’t mind if you include a simple link from your website to our website. You are not allowed to link to us if you engage in the publication or promotion of illegal, obscene, or offensive content, or if the link in any way negatively impact on our reputation.

Contents of the website
The EVA pays a great deal of attention to the accuracy of the data published on its website.

Should you nevertheless find any errors or incorrect information on one of our pages or if the contact details change for one of the associations or organisations listed on our site, we would be very grateful if you could inform the Secretariat.

The information posted on the EVA website is checked and updated on a regular basis. However, the EVA cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect errors or possible damages which may arise from your access to, or use of, this site, or any damage or virus, which may affect your computer or other I.T. equipment. In more general terms, the EVA gives no explicit or implied guarantees regarding all or part of this site.

The EVA publishes pictures of events, meetings, conferences on its website with the purposes of information and promotion of is activities and work. A request of deletion of picture(s) where you could appear can be requested at any time.

The EVA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your access to all or part of any of our websites, with or without notice.