Kontron is a manufacturer of coin counting machines.

Kontron Austria GmbH is a company in upper Austria with a wide area of products and services. The company started in 1990 as Novotech Elektronik GmbH. Their services include development, production and assembly of industrial electronics, medical technics and banking automation. In April 2016 this company become part of S&T AG where it has been renamed now to Kontron Austria GmbH to show the affiliation to the IoT sector inside the company.

EVA Director General, Erwin Wetzel, warmly welcomed the company to the EVA, stating, “As cash payments account for the vast majority of payments made at European vending machines, the EVA is very active in ensuring that coin acceptance continues to be a smooth and effortless process for the final consumer. By joining, Kontron Austria will now be able to actively support our work, adding their voice to a strong group of coin counting manufacturers amongst our members.”

Florian Gumpinger, Product Manager at Kontron echoed this and explained simply why Kontron decided to join the Association, “We [became] members of EVA to get more information about the coins and banknotes for further development of our coin counting machines.”

Kontron Austria is based in Engerwitzdorf, and joins the EVA as a Supportive Member.