IVS is the largest vending operator in Italy with over 60 branches, and the second largest operator in Europe, with a significant presence in Spain, France and Switzerland.

The first machines installed by the company goes back to 1971 and today the group manages through 3000 employees a total of 180,000 vending machines, and has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2012.

Erwin Wetzel, the EVA Director General is delighted to see the company join the Association saying, “I warmly welcome IVS Italia as a new EVA Member. As a leading vending operator in Europe and dominant in Italy, it will be extremely beneficial to have another strong voice speaking for the current needs of the segment. With many changes and challenges facing vending operators today, including single use plastic changes, growing pressure to provide a more diverse range of products, and a growing consumer demand for alternative payment options, it will be useful to hear what innovations IVS is employing to deal with these challenges, and the opportunities these challenges can bring for vending. EVA membership naturally brings access to a range of valuable services, information, and industry knowledge which will no doubt assist IVS in comparing and looking at other markets.”

IVS Italia, based near Bergamo, and already a CONFIDA Member, joins the EVA as a Direct Member.