H2O Direct specialise in water filtration products such as carbon water filters for use on coffee machines, vending, boiler systems and POU water machines.

Jim Redford, Managing Director explained why the company has joined the Association, saying, “H2O Direct are delighted to have joined the EVA family with a view to gain further understanding of the market outside of the UK and utilising contacts, market reports and knowledge provided by other members. Having recently opened a hub in Germany, which allows easier distribution of their products to the rest of the world, H2O are keen to increase the visibility of their products on a worldwide basis.

H2O have over 25 years of experience in the water/vending industry so welcome opportunities to assist organisations with solutions to their needs as well as providing invaluable technical know-how, which is well regarded in the industry in which they serve.”

The EVA Director General Erwin Wetzel warmly welcomed H2O as new members, commenting, “I am pleased to see H2O join the pan-European vending family, particularly after attending some of our events. We all know how important this segment of our industry is to ensure a quality beverage to the final consumer is able to be delivered. Taking advantage of the EVA knowledge base and networking possibilities will now surely be beneficial to H2O, while having an additional water filtration company will add another valuable voice within the Association to understand any legislative or technical concerns which we can help address.”

H2O Direct, based in East Sussex, England and joins the EVA as a Direct Member.