The Belgian operator GAVENDING who attended regularly the EVA events such as EVEX over the last years decided to join the EVA to benefit from our numerous services since there is no representation at association level in Belgium. The company operates about 400 machines, mostly in the Walloon region.

Philippe Gaignage, the owner of the company, stated: “We are small family-owned company with a total of 6 people working for GAVENDING and we want to help the EVA increase its representation since it does a tremendous work, meet people, exchange best practice and get the latest news and trends.”

Erwin Wetzel, the EVA Director General, is enthusiastic about a regional operator joining the EVA: “For the EVA it is always good to have operators among the membership, because they can benefit from our information, network and lobbying activities, but they also contribute to our better understanding of their daily work, including the challenges they face.”.

GAVENDING is based in Jodoigne, Belgium and joins the EVA as a Supportive Member.