Webinar: How can vending fit into the post-Covid workplace?

When crises arise, many people are quite quick to claim that things will never be the same as before. Often though, almost everything returns to normal as we saw for example after the 2008 economic and financial crisis. On the other hand, Covid-19 has triggered some ground-breaking changes in our societies and lifestyles and this time the probability that some of these changes remain permanent could be quite high.

Adapting to new situations is key to overcome challenges, and opportunities always pop up during crises. Workplaces and more generally our way of working has been seriously affected by the Covid-19 restrictions – indeed, employees in many sectors have worked much more from home, have commuted less to the workplace and consequently have consumed less on-the-go and in the workplace. Nearly 80% of Vending and Office Coffee Service machines are placed in companies and their operators have experienced a huge downturn in the past months. Nevertheless, opportunities for the industry are here, but only if trends are interpreted correctly and business models are adapted.

The objective of the webinar on 29 September 2020 was to understand better how the Covid-19 crisis has and will affect the working environment in many companies and how vending operators can meet the new expectations of the consumers in the workplace.

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Our panelists & moderator

Fabien Claus

HR Director at CBC Bank & Insurance

He will explain which measures his company will implement and how working habits will change.

Currently HR Director at CBC Bank, Fabien Claus has more than 20 years’ experience in an HR environment. He has a legal background and is specialised in financial services and business transformation. Learn more

Jan Marck Vrijlandt

MD Region Benelux & Export at Selecta

He will report on initial feedback Selecta has received from clients and explain how the company will adapt to the new needs of both clients and consumers in the workplace.

Jan Marck Vrijlandt, has worked for Selecta for 25 years in various functions and areas. Currently he is responsible for the Selecta Central Region, covering Benelux, Germany, Austria as well as the Rest of World outside Europe. He was a driving force in the setup of the Starbucks coffee corner concept as well as the Foodies Micromarket; two key concept innovations at Selecta. Jan Marck was also EVA president from December 2013 to November 2017. Learn more

Aurélie Oberti

Business Development Manager at Lyreco

She will give insights about changes in office spaces, new expectations about coffee break areas and canteens.

Aurélie brings over 10 years’ experience in the international food and beverages industry, having successfully built strategic partnerships with top global FMCG companies.  She joined Lyreco in 2017 and has since been on a mission to build the strategy and accelerate the growth of its international Coffee Services Business Unit. As a worldwide leader in workplace products and services, Lyreco provides OCS and breakroom solutions in selected countries in Europe and Asia. Learn more

Erwin Wetzel

Director General at EVA & Moderator

He will ask questions to the three panelists after a short introduction with statistics on working from home, commuting, life-style changes, traveling, meetings, etc.

Erwin Wetzel had several professional experiences. He started his career with the EVA as Regulatory Affairs Manager in February 2011, then worked as Deputy Director in September 2012. He has been the EVA Director General since January 2014. Learn more