EVA Members voted for the new name of ‘European Vending & Coffee Service Association’ as well as to elect a new President and Executive Committee.

The Annual General Assembly Meeting (AGM) of the European Vending Association (EVA) launched the 2017 edition of the European Vending Experience ‘EVEX’ in Rome on 23rd November.

In a strong signal to reflect the growing realities of the market, the EVA Members voted to support a change in the EVA name to ‘European Vending & Coffee Service Association.’ The acronym ‘EVA’ as well as the star logo will remain as before as it is accepted that these have high recognition amongst both the key stakeholders and institutions in Brussels and further afield.

The name change is designed to give acknowledgement to those players who now make up the majority of our industry – indeed hot drinks coffee machines make up as a whole 62% of the European market, and up to 90% of the market in certain European countries.

In what was a very important AGM, EVA Members also elected Paolo Ghidotti (N&W Global Vending) as the new EVA President as well as members of the new Executive Committee for the period 2017-2019. The EVA Executive Committee (EC) 2017-2019 is now comprised as follows:

Representing National Associations
Tony Smith – AVA (UK)
Christian Mengus – NAVSA (France)
Aris Kaschefi – BDV (Germany) (Vice President)
Michele Adt– CONFIDA (Italy)

Representing National Association Managing Directors
Raúl Rubio Fleitas – ANEDA (Spain)

Representing machine manufacturers (EVMMA)
Paolo Ghidotti – N&W (President)

Representing Payment Systems and Vending Solutions
Jürgen Göbel – Ingenico

Representing Ingredient Suppliers
Davide Celin – Lavazza

Representing Operators
Eric Overbeek – Selecta (International Operators)
Boris Belotserkovsky – Uvenco (Northern Europe)
Marcin Przybyo – Automatspec (Eastern Europe)
Xavier Arquerons – Alliance Vending (Southern Europe) (First Vice President)

Representing Water Solutions
Alberto Giavoni – Brita Group

Representing Office Coffee Service (OCS)
Maurits de Jong – de Jong Duke (Treasurer)

Representing Cup Suppliers
Massimo Daolio – Flo

The EVA Director General, Erwin Wetzel, extends his congratulations to the new President and the entire EC, and wishes them well as they set the strategic direction of the Association over the next two years.

The AGM also recognised the significant contribution made by a number of personalities to the work of the EVA over a long number of years, and a token of appreciation was presented to the following:

Jan Marck Vrijlandt
EVA President (2013-17) and EC Member (2007-17)

Michael Maurer
EVA Treasurer and EC Member (2007-17)

Michal Piotrowiak
EC Member (2007-17)

Klaus Meyer-Steffens
Chairman of the Coin Group (2002-17)

The EVA thanks them and wishes them success in their future endeavours.

Some pictures can be accessed below: