Erwin Wetzel, EVA Director General, was invited by the Secretary General of NAVSA (the French Vending Association), Matthieu Turpain, to give an update about the impact of the upcoming EU Directive on single-use plastics on the vending industry at the Board meeting that took place on the 10th of January in Paris.

The French vending & OCS industry is already facing stringent requirements from National legislation which aims at reducing the use of plastic cups and prohibiting plastic cutlery and plates and therefore the new proposal from the EU Commission was not very welcome since additional measures will impact vending operators as well as cup manufacturers. Erwin Wetzel took the opportunity to explain to the NAVSA Board the lobbying campaign the EVA has conducted since May 2018 and to portray how difficult it has been for all the industries to get some amendments adopted by the European Parliament. The information delivered at this meeting was important to the audience since by 2024-2026 their businesses will have to adapt to the growing pressure of reducing the use of plastic and paper cups.

Furthermore, the EVA Director General appreciated the exchange of information about the latest trends in France and catching up with the key players in this market.