Valinso joins the EVA

By |2021-02-12T14:45:51+00:00February 12th, 2021|News|

Valinso is a Dutch-based electronic payment and telemetry solution provider. The company also develops innovative new payment services and solutions which can be expanded with [...]

Eltek joins the EVA

By |2021-01-18T13:03:05+00:00January 18th, 2021|News|

The company provides mechatronic components and customer solutions for different industry sectors (appliances, automotive, sensing, medical and biomedical). Eltek started its business with appliance components [...]

H2O Direct joins the EVA

By |2021-01-12T13:41:24+00:00January 12th, 2021|News|

H2O Direct specialise in water filtration products such as carbon water filters for use on coffee machines, vending, boiler systems and POU water machines. Jim [...]

Aurora Café joins the EVA

By |2020-10-19T08:57:28+00:00October 19th, 2020|News|

Aurora Café is a leading Slovenian vending operator providing high quality vending services since 1997. Oto Helbl, Director of Aurora Café, explained why the company [...]

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