Eltek joins the EVA

Eltek joins the EVA

The company provides mechatronic components and customer solutions for different industry sectors (appliances, automotive, sensing, medical and biomedical). Eltek started its business with appliance components [...]

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EVA publishes new report on Covid-19 impact on vending

Updated report findings demonstrate a marked improvement for vending & OCS businesses, but ongoing impact from Covid-19 restrictions remains severe. Previewed at the EVA Annual [...]

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H2O Direct joins the EVA

H2O Direct specialise in water filtration products such as carbon water filters for use on coffee machines, vending, boiler systems and POU water machines. Jim [...]

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EVA Report: Vending Market growth to be offset by COVID-19 impact

According to the new EVA market report, the vending industry was delivering sustained revenue growth is almost all European markets prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. [...]

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Venditalia rescheduled to 25-28 May 2022

Venditalia, the international vending fair, one of the most important in the world and leader in Europe, has decided to reschedule the event for 25-28 [...]

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Worldline welcomes Ingenico

As reported earlier this year, EVA Member Worldline has acquired fellow EVA Member Ingenico. This transaction now creates the world’s number four player in payment [...]

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Aurora Café joins the EVA

Aurora Café is a leading Slovenian vending operator providing high quality vending services since 1997. Oto Helbl, Director of Aurora Café, explained why the company [...]

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Kellogg Europe joins the EVA

The globally renowned cereal and snack producer, founded more than 100 years ago in the US, is keen to expand business in the vending sector. [...]

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Pierre Albrieux re-elected as NAVSA President

On 18 September, NAVSA, the French vending association, celebrated its first virtual Annual General Assembly which was appreciated by many members who could join the [...]

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