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The Standards Committee

The Standards Committee, in close cooperation with NAMA, maintains and develops the EVA DTS and gives advice on MDB ICP.
The Standards Committee together with the Technical Committee of NAMA (the North American Vending Association), updates the EVA standard, EVA DTS (EVA Data Transfer Standard). The EVA DTS is used in order to transfer data from the vending machines to the operators’ back office. The Standards Committee also gives its comments on the MDB ICP (Multi Drop Bus – Internal Communication Protocol), which is the internal protocol of a vending machine.  


The Standards Committee develops the EVA DTS (EVA Data Transfer Standard) in order to make it possible to transfer information to or from vending machines or payment systems and to or from PC-based accounting and management systems. The EVA DTS allows the operator to have clear information on the state of each individual machine and his supply.

It is important that all suppliers of vending machines and payment systems agree on a common standard because this is the only way the operator can be sure that all his equipment can be read out and programmed by means of the same technology. The advantage of having a standard is that the operator can read out data from vending machines from different manufacturers by means of the same data collector, and have this information exchanged with his own management system, adapted to his way of running his business.


The MDB ICP establishes a communications method that will allow all the devices in a vending machine to use a common interface. The EVA Standards Committee and NAMA Technical Committee review and define new device types, messages to devices and answers to devices. They try to anticipate the requirements of the international vending industry.


In future, the Standards Committee and the NAMA Technical Committee will come up with a system integration between EVA DTS and MDB ICP for telemetry systems in order to allow remote measurement and reporting of the information.
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