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The Coin Group

Objective: To ensure a successful and smooth coin transaction through adherence to the requirements in the Coin Design Handbook. The Group aims to be the link between the authorities in charge of design, issuing and controlling the coins, and the vending industry.

Chairperson 2018-19: Klaus Meyer-Steffens, Crane Merchandising Systems
Executive Committee Sponsor 2018-19: Christian Mengus, SUZOHAPP

When consumers insert coins into a vending machine, they expect them to be accepted at first throw; to be identified as the right denomination; authenticated as genuine coins, and that this will trigger the delivery of the desired product or service. For that simple transaction to be successful and smooth, the EVA is the link between the authorities in charge of designing, issuing and controlling the coins and the vending industry. The Coin Group brings together representatives of coin validating and authenticating equipment manufacturers, i.e. coin validator manufacturers, as well as coin counting and sorting equipment.

Coin Experts

The most frequent method of payment in European Vending is coins. Therefore it is critical that coins are validated securely, consistently and reliably. In order to achieve this, the EVA has developed close links with the European Mints and all other stakeholders that are involved in the design, introduction and quality control of coins, as well as the prevention and fight against counterfeiting.

These include the European Mint Directors Working Group (MDWG), the European Central Bank, the European Commission Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the European Technical and Scientific Centre (ETSC) and the Directorate General for Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN), and Europol.

The EVA has also privileged links with individual Mints around Europe and beyond, and with their suppliers.

The EVA Coin Group is currently working on the introduction of the new £1 coin, on fit-unfit-counterfeit-authentication of coins, on the specification change of 1, 2 & 5 Euro Cent coins and on new security features of coins.

Dialogue with the EU Institutions

Thanks to an excellent cooperation and mutual understanding between the EVA and the Mints, with the support of the Commission and Central Bank, Europe has developed one of the most secure coin systems in the world. The EVA had the opportunity to provide comments on the draft coin system on numerous occasions, to test materials on behalf of the Mints, and to give feedback to the relevant parties. It lobbied to obtain a third party quality control for the Euro coins which is run by the European Central Bank. The European Mints produce coins to a common, tight specification and associated tolerances.

Dialogue with the relevant EU Institutions and forums is an ongoing process that gives stakeholders the opportunity to:
  • Discuss about observations made in the field base
  • Look at the continuous improvement of coin quality
  • Exchange information about any counterfeits or fraud in circulation
  • Discuss future evolution and coin features
To this end, the EVA regularly meets with representatives of the European Commission, OLAF, MDWG, and the European Central Bank on 2 different platforms:
  • A wide platform, the Cash Users Group (CUG), co-chaired by the European Commission and the European Central Bank, which brings together all professional cash users (retail, CIT (Cash In Transit), commercial banks, coin-operated industries, ATM producers) and consumer representatives;
  • A more restricted platform, which is limited to the authorities and representatives of the coin validating or authenticating industries.
Whilst the CUG meets twice a year, the more restricted platform meets whenever necessary.

The Coin Design Handbook 2016

The Coin Design Handbook was produced under the aegis of the Mint Directors Conference Technical Committee (MDC-TC) and is a guide to understanding the coin validation process and its consequences. Its ultimate aim is for Mints to design and manufacture coins for optimised electronic validation.

To obtain access to the Coin Design Handbook, you need to be:
•    Mints and Blank Manufacturers
•    Anti-fraud or law enforcement authorities
•    Validating equipment manufacturers members of the EVA

If you are from one of these entities, contact Laura Zerbini at and she will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed and returned. Upon receipt of the NDA, we will send you a personalized (marked) pdf copy of the EVA Coin Design Handbook.


The EVA Coin Group is actively involved in the following sub-groups of the Mint Directors Conference – Technical Committee (MDC-TC) that meet twice a year:
  • Future Payment Systems
  • Sensor Sensitivity Study        
  • Future Materials for Circulation Coins     
  • Coin Security Features            
  • Quality Guideline for Circulation Coins

Benefits for members

Members of the EVA benefit from this unique channel of information and from the dialogue that the EVA has established over the years. They have access to events and meetings, and have the opportunity to express their views and opinions under a wider industry umbrella, which has gained its credibility through working closely with all stakeholders.

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