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The EVA is a strong advocate of standards designed by, and for, the industry
The EVA maintains and updates a number of industry standards and works in close cooperation with the US Vending Association, NAMA on the MDP ICP and EVA DTS.
  • EVA EPS - Electronic Payment Specification
  • EVA DTS - Data Transfer Standard - NEW VERSION 6.2 AVAILABLE
  • EVA EMP - Energy Measurement Protocol
  • EVA TMP - Temperature Measurement Protocol
Please note: the EVA EMP 3.1a will be fully replaced by the official European energy measurement standard EN 50597 in the course of 2018.

The EVA supports the EVA DTS as a data retrieval specification and MDB/ICP as interface and will encourage promotion of these standards for the future.

EVA standards are supported by NAMA, and marketed on the American continent by them. The MDB/ICP (Multi-Drop Bus/Internal Communication Protocol) can only be downloaded from the NAMA website.

More recently, closer contacts have been established with the Japanese Vending Machine Manufacturers Association, JVMA, notably in the area of mobile phone applications, mainly mobile payment.

EVA standards are free for industry professionals to download upon registration here.

Overview of Vending Machine Interfaces

Due to the confusion resulting from the existence of various interfaces in the vending market, the EVA, in co-operation with its members, has drafted this Overview of Vending Machine Interfaces.
2018 European Vending Association