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Top 5 Reasons to join the EVA

Are you thinking about joining us? We have compiled the top 5 reasons why that’s a great idea.

The EVA has been the common voice of the coffee service and vending industry for the last 20 years. It is a credible and reputable organisation with a strong identity in the vending community, and officially recognised by the EU and regularly consulted by its institutions as part of the decision-making process.

•    Lobby
      Assist your industry and influence the EU decision-making process.

•    Network
      Attend EVA Events and interact with the EVA’s network of contacts in all areas of vending,
      coffee, and water dispenser industries.

•    Information and Interpretation
      Access to market intelligence and industry information.

•    Committees
      Exchange best practice in the EVA Committees and help standardise and improve the
      European industry.

•    Team
      A dedicated team at your service permanently, working for you.

Types of Membership

Full Membership (National Associations)
This form of Membership is reserved for National Associations from any European Country who represent coffee service and vending, and other related industries.

Direct Membership
Direct Membership is available to any company which is established and operating in at least two different European countries, and meets the required criteria.

Supportive Membership
Supportive Membership is available to Associations and single companies who are not eligible to become a Full or Direct Member, but support the aims and purpose of the EVA.

Supportive Membership (National Operator)

Supportive Membership (National Operator) is a Membership category available to vending operators who are solely active in one market, and who comply with the other requirements of Supportive Membership.

Associate Membership
Associate Membership is available for Trade Associations who represent vending and related industries outside Europe.

Fee Structure 2018

Fees cover your EVA Membership for one calendar year, with all fees required to be paid at the beginning of the year in question. For those who join during the year, the fee is calculated pro-rata for the remaining calendar months of the year, and this fee must be paid by the end of your first month.

•    For Direct Members the annual fee is calculated as a proportion of your company’s turnover
      in the European Coffee Service and Vending sector. Annual fees therefore range from
      €6,733 to a maximum of €21,548. 

•    Supportive Members are required to pay a fixed fee annually irrespective of the turnover of
      your company. The fee for Supportive Members is €6,733.

•    For Supportive Members (National Operators), the Annual fee is only €408.

•    For Full Members (National Associations), the fee increases annually for the first 3 years
      from €1,051 to a maximum of €3,677.

•    There is no fee to join the EVA as an Associate Member (only available to other Associations in related industries).

The Executive Committee (EC) makes the final decision on who should be accepted as a Member.

All fees shown are for 2018, and are automatically adjusted yearly in line with the Belgian inflation rate, as published by Eurostat.

More information

The EVA legal statutes can be found here.

If you would like more information or would like to become a Member, please contact the EVA secretariat.

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