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Latest French snacking habits revealed!

posted 20.04 '2015
A recent survey on the meal and snacking habits of the French population has provided some interesting results

On the 14th of April Forum Vitagora 2015, a French industry meeting on innovation and investment options in the food sector, took place in Dijon.  During this conference IPSOS France presented the results of their survey conducted amongst 1000 French people, aged between 16 and 70, on the eating habits of the French population.

Ninety percent of the French population still strongly believe a meal should be consumed in a traditional setting, sitting down around a table, as often as possible. This traditional view contrasts with other countries, in Russia only 50% adheres to the belief of consuming a meal around a table and the American on-the-go-lifestyle was again confirmed by only 34% of the American citizens holding on to the traditional meal setting.

However, 40% of French respondents confirmed to have a meal on-the-go at least once a week, of which almost half consumed this meal in the work place due to increased time-pressure. There has also been a significant increase in the snacking behavior of the French population; half of those surveyed confirmed to snack between lunch and dinner and 29% had a nibble between breakfast and lunch.

These trends provide a major opportunity for the vending industry, especially since the survey also provides important insights into what kind of snacks and meals French consumers are looking for; surprisingly the top three products valued by the French public are:
1.    Fruit
2.    Cheese
3.    Yoghurt

French consumers also conveyed the clear message that they adhere to their balanced diets when deciding on their on-the-go snacking and meal options.

More information on the survey can be found here:


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