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Hot Issues for Vending February 2017

posted 27.02 '2017
This edition of Hot Issues concisely explores the latest legislative developments for the industry.


The EVA is participating in a platform promoting innovative cooling technologies

CoolingEU is a new forum for stakeholders from many different sectors and industries interested or active in matters relating to the field of cooling, who support means and technologies to encourage a more efficient and cleaner cooling supply.
Although the platform has not been officially launched yet, it calls for increased awareness of the role and importance of cooling in the EU, and calls on the European institutions to increase the targeted funding of research and development (R&D) to help enable more efficient cooling technologies.


Discussion on new coins continues at the EVA Coin Group

In February, the EVA Coin Group met in Berlin at the World Money Fair, to discuss various topics such as the release of the UK £1 coin in March. The Coin Group members also provided feedback to the European Commission with regards to the specifications of the new 1, 2, and 5 Euro cent coins as part of a review.

Food Contact Materials

EVA contributed to the results of the latest JRC study 

JRC, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission has produced a report to study national measures for food contact materials for which there are no specific measures at EU level, such as adhesives, coatings, glass, waxes, metals, wood, silicones, rubber or textiles.
Some shortcomings were identified, such as the lack of common guidelines across Member States or the lack of compliance and enforcement of testing methods, which makes it more difficult to demonstrate that food safety is consistently ensured.
The Commission is now expected to evaluate the findings of the study and to determine what possible steps should be taken.

Healthier Vending

EVA publishes report outlining legislation and guidance encouraging healthier vending

As part of its participation in the EU Platform for action on diet, nutrition and physical activity, the EVA has researched, collated and published requirements from national governments and institutions for vending operators which can encourage ‘healthier vending.’

The report outlines markets and locations where vending machines are banned (e.g. schools in France), markets and environments with product restrictions (e.g. Health Service in Portugal), and markets which make recommendations for vending machines (e.g. workplaces in Estonia).

The purpose of the report is to inform vending operators of existing restrictions on product or machine placement across Europe, highlight initiatives in this area, and to encourage a diversification of product provision where possible. The report can also inform the EU Commission and national policy makers of the barriers faced by the vending industry.

The EVA is also aware of other markets where further or new requirements are being currently considered. The report, covering 22 EU Member States can be freely downloaded here:


More details on these stories and others can be found on the EVA Members-Only section of the website.

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