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Highlights from the NAMA One Show 2015

posted 11.05 '2015
The EVA recently traveled to Las Vegas to experience new developments in American vending at the 2015 NAMA One Show

Las Vegas is known for its extravagant hotel complexes, its casinos and gambling machines as well as for its great evening shows in the numerous theatres of the Strip. Las Vegas is not only the meeting point for gamblers from all over the world, but it is also the host for the largest OCS (Office Coffee Service) & Vending show in the Northern and South American Continent. This trade show is organised every other year in the capital of Nevada by NAMA (USA National Automatic Merchandising Association), who always manage a great and memorable event for the whole industry.

Micro market concept

The NAMA One Show took place from the 22nd to the 24th of April 2015 in Las Vegas, with the conference started one day before. As usual, the attendance was huge and coming from Europe we were amazed that visitors had to pay about 450$ for participating in the seminar and for getting access to the stands. In Europe, operators would never pay such an amount to visit a trade show, but the American culture demonstrated that US-operators are ready to pay a high fee, because they know that they will get value for money. The commitment is high and as of 8:30 in the morning, you could see hundreds of participants in the seminars organised by NAMA. The topics covered this year in the Conference were for instance: 'Coffee Brewing Technologies', ‘Supercharge Your Micro market: food trends, consumer insights and Wining Strategies’, ‘Boost Your offerings with Specialty Beverages’, ‘Marketing your Micro Market’ or ‘Across The Pond: An International Perspective on Consumer Engagement in a Micro Market’.

The show itself was well attended, but with a different shape to what we are used to in Europe: less manufacturers, plenty of ingredient suppliers, smaller stands and much less focused on coffee machines. Since the show is open for only a couple of hours per day, business conversations must be efficient. Among our members, Vendin, SandenVendo, Jofemar, Microtronic, Nayax, Bravilor, Crane Merchandising Systems, CPI, Astrosystems, Coinco, Mars Chocolate, Nestlé Professional, Starbucks, U-Select-It and N&W were present.

Erwin Wetzel (Director General of the EVA), Paolo Ghidotti (1st Vice President of the EVA), Gillian White (CEO of AVA and EVA Vice President), Javier Arquerons (President of ANEDA and EVA board member), and Boris Belotserkovsky (President of RNVA and EVA board member), had interesting conversations throughout the show, establishing therefore strong relationships with both NAMA and industry leaders in the USA. Erwin Wetzel also attended an international leadership meeting, organised by NAMA, together with representatives from Canada, Mexico, China, Russia and the UK, in order to exchange information and to talk about common challenges. The meeting was very productive, especially for comparing issues that all national associations are facing globally.

Furthermore, the Director of the EVA participated in a meeting, together with Alain Huc (Chairman of the Electronic Payment Committee), Marco Baron (Chairman of the Technical Committee) and Michael Kasavana (NAMA), to talk about the harmonisation of standards and the MDB-Protocol.

For detailed insights and trends into the 2015 USA vending and coffee service market as discovered at the NAMA One Show, EVA Members can log in and read the full article here.


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