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New Director General for NAVSA

14.09 '15
The French Vending Association announces Fabrice Layer as new DG replacing Nicolas Bodilis-Reguer.
As of today, 14th September, Fabrice Layer takes charge of NAVSA as the new Director General. Prior to taking up his post at NAVSA, Fabrice has worked for years in the Assemblée nationale, and so he is suitably connected in the corridors of power and well placed and to successfully represent the French vending industry. 

This political knowledge will be extremely useful in order meet the current challenges in the French vending sector - including the drafting of the supplementary decree related to the implementation of the ban on plastic cups from 2020, and the continued development and promotion of the feelgood nutritional label.

The EVA looks forward to working closely with Fabrice Layer in the coming months and years, and also expresses its thanks to Nicolas for all his hard work and achievements throughout his tenure, and wishes him well in his new role.

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